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Our client, a marketing consultant cy service for FedEx, had to present lucid data on marketing campaign effectiveness to drive decisions

Strategic Research Insights (SRI) is a New Jersey-based firm that offers strategic marketing consultancy services, with an expert focus on qualitative and quantitative research, and Big Data analytics. It works with pharmaceutical clients and Fortune 500 companies across America, including FedEx. The international delivery company enlisted SRI to set up and manage multiple simultaneous marketing campaigns (which totaled 50 at one point) on FedEx’s behalf.

Even though SRI is an expert in its field, the technology it used to present its findings was not fit for purpose. Using static PowerPoints to present key ROI and analytics information was time-consuming and stopped SRI from incorporating real-time data. After receiving a request from FedEx, SRI needed to find a technology partner that could build a custom application that would meet its client’s exact requirements.


Review of Documentation review across 12 systems and data rendering from third-party marketing automation tools to track FedEx campaign metrics

FedEx needed SRI to present its information in a custom application, which could create bespoke campaign effectiveness reports from SRI’s data and display them on an intuitive dashboard. Collating this information in one place would help FedEx make data-driven business decisions on important matters like budget allocation and campaign collateral.

After extensive research, SRI selected Asahi Technologies as its software solution partner. We had the experience and technical expertise to meet SRI’s needs, while also meeting their budget and timeline expectations.


Design of marketing analytics app dashboard and custom web app

Our team began by designing the dashboard for FedEx’s marketing analytics application. Once this was complete, we built a custom web application. It was able to connect with third-party systems including SOAP, REST, and JSON, and tools that could query data across all of SRI’s FedEx campaigns.

The application worked by authenticating against and querying data from a number of third-party marketing automation tools, including Silverpop and Marketo, and CRMs like Sugar CRM. Once this was complete, the application rendered the data relating to useful metrics, such as total spend, leads generated, revenue to spend ratio, and deals closed. It could then be visualized with charts and graphs built using Chart.js – a reliable Open Source library.

The process was not without it challenges. Our team had to review the documentation (some of which was poorly defined or even missing) and ascertain the integration end points of more than 12 different systems. We had to run a number of trials to understand crucial information that could help us retrieve useful and valuable campaign metrics.


Complete Visibility


FedEx cut its marketing budget by more than 30% and saved millions.

Real-time data and insights from 50 marketing platforms identified ten weak campaigns

SRI’s new marketing dashboard provided FedEx with clear, real-time data insights, which gave the business complete visibility of each campaign’s effectiveness and how they compared to others. Our dashboard allowed SRI to present aggregated data from 50 different marketing platforms in one simple place. FedEx’s management team was also able to generate quarterly, biannual and annual projections relating to revenue, the effectiveness of its advertising investments, and the impact they were having on employees and its community.

SRI’s newly-presented insights helped FedEx understand that 10 of its marketing campaigns weren’t producing significant results, allowing it to divert funds to its effective campaigns. As a result, FedEx shaved more than 30% off its marketing budget, equating to hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings.