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Our client wanted to promote local products and businesses digitally and help the residents of the town save money

Abilene is a small town in the state of Texas. It wasn’t uncommon for residents of Abilene to reach out to businesses in neighboring towns for services that were easily available within the town. Because of this, businesses in Abilene were losing out on local business and residents were paying a premium to get businesses from out of town to provide the same service that was available in town.


To create a custom mobile app to encourage the people of Abilene to buy products and services from local businesses offer(ings) discounts in return

Our client, a lifelong resident of Abilene, Texas, had an idea for an app. He saw an opportunity to promote local businesses in his town while saving money for customers at the same time.

He wanted to create a custom mobile application where people of Abilene could purchase products at a discount while also supporting local businesses in the community. This was a win-win situation as it allowed the town locals to benefit from purchasing products and services at an attractive price and allowed local businesses to connect directly with their consumers. Before this app launched, there were only a few options for businesses to market themselves and get listed in directories. Companies relied on billboards and other traditional advertising avenues to reach new customers and generate revenue.

While the client was considering several firms for the project, they were most impressed by our team’s knowledge, communication, and professionalism.

digitized payment process



An admin portal for businesses to register and offer deals and a hybrid mobile app for customers to place orders, redeem offers, and rate products and services

To develop the solution, we assembled two teams. One team was in charge of developing the mobile app while the other worked on building the backend engine and admin portal.

  • The admin portal is where business owners can register their business and update personal information such as inventory, offers, and deals.
  • They can then add, modify, or delete deals.
  • They can also easily activate or de-activate deals at the click of a button.
  • We also added a reporting module that showed financial summaries and deal usage reports, which were highly helpful to both the client and the registered businesses.
  • The admin portal and the backend engine were developed using Node and MySQL.
  • The mobile app is where consumers can redeem offers & deals.
  • Consumers can see the deals available to them locally or using certain search filters.
  • After redeeming the offer, consumers can rate the local businesses from whom they purchased and promote them within the community of Abilene.
  • The hybrid mobile app’s front-end was developed using Angular as well as React Native technology that gave us the ability to develop the app once and deploy on both the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Geocoding - Our team used Google services Geocoding API and Distance Matrix API to get the Geolocation of businesses and calculate the distance between them and the users so that users could find businesses closest to them.
  • AWS - We also used AWS services to host the app, Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to send emails, and Amazon S3 to store all static images.
  • Closed Test Modes - We ran closed test modes simultaneously on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. This was to ensure end-users could download and use the app across several different devices.



Keen to deliver

Asahi Tech was fully vested in our project from the start and keen on delivering a high quality product that we would be proud of, and that is what ultimately made the difference for us. We are very happy with our decision to partner with them!

Blake Stewart, Texas
Founder, IBuyAbilene


Our app was a hit, and  Abilene city authorities ran promos on it to boost local business

Our team delivered to the town of Abilene a smart, clean mobile application that enabled residents to seek services of local businesses in the community at discounted prices.

Due to excellent community adoption and keen interest shown by local businesses in Abilene, the mobile app is a huge success. Even the authorities at the City of Abilene ran promotions on the app (i.e; IBuyAbilene) which only demonstrated their keenness to endorse a platform that supported internal business.

  • Promote deals through the app directly to customers and increase revenue.
  • Grow a loyal client base by acquiring new customers.
  • Test the desirability of certain products before ordering from the supplier.
  • Support local businesses by buying from them.
  • Enjoy a richer catalog of products and services with greater availability.
  • Get updated in real-time on new deals and products from favorite stores.
  • Save money on through the many deals and discounts offered on the app.
  • Save time searching for products that are required or desired.


  • Hybrid mobile app offering a rich catalog of products and services offered by local businesses in the community
  • Admin portal for businesses to promote deals and acquire a loyal client base
  • Feedback module for customers to like a business, boost a business and provide reviews