If you’re planning to enter the world of web development, it won’t hurt to follow some expert advice. Whether you’re new to development or an industry veteran, it’s important to always stay up-to-date on the continuously emerging technologies, expanding libraries, and the latest frameworks and techniques. Here are some web development blogs that the developer team at Asahi Technologies have drawn inspiration from and have frequently used to bolster their work.

1. Codrops

Codrops is a great blog for someone looking to find tutorials on UI design, page animations, image formatting, and JavaScript tutorials. What we like most about this blog is the CSS Reference tutorial that allows developers to experiment with CSS. Their Blueprints is a basic section for newcomers in the website development sphere, and their Collective section will help you stay abreast with the latest digital design trends.

2. HTML5 Doctor

HTML 5 Doctor publishes articles related to HTML5, its semantics, and its usage. Their Ask the Doctor section is reserved for users looking to understand the specifics of HTML5. HTML5 Doctor is a great resource for everything HTML5, and it is a great blog for learning the latest techniques used in popular web development formats. As a source of information, the comments section is particularly helpful—something you don’t see often on blogs.

3. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks is an in-depth web development blog for CSS where you can learn how to style pages. The blog also contains videos and posts addressing common pain point in areas such as web performance, extensible component development, and integration of CSS with other technologies such as HTML and JavaScript. Our favorite is Snippets, a section that provides short code snippets and solutions for everyday use.

4. A List Apart

A List Apart is an amazing web development blog with a huge variety of content on topics such as code, content, design, industry and business, process, and user experience. Their Interaction Design, Workflow & Tools, and HTML articles are very detailed and are perfect for web developers looking to learn the intricacies of web development.

5. Superhero.js

One of the best resources for JavaScript content, Superhero.js aggregates tutorials and the latest on this popular language. What we like about Superhero.js is that they also highlight the limitations of JavaScript—very useful for any skilled coder. It is a great resource for newbies and veterans alike, especially if you’re looking to understand issues related to front-end security and the upcoming ECMAScript standards.

6. GitHub Blog

If you’re a developer you’re probably already using GitHub for version control, but if you haven’t checked out their blog yet, then you’re missing out on some great web development content. We find the GitHub repo and the plethora of tutorials on GitHub Blog to be particularly useful and insightful. The GitHub Blog is updated nearly every day, sometimes twice a day if something new or fresh needs reporting. So you might want to add this one to your RSS feed (we recommend Feedly).

7. JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly is quite an old resource for everything JavaScript. The main focus of this web development blog is on discussing high-level concepts, surveys, and tutorials. We recommend this blog for, more than anything else, keeping yourself up to date on development philosophies.

8. jQuery Blog

The jQuery blog is a great news source for jQuery news updates, events, projects, and UI information. It’s everything you need to know about jQuery and serves as the official blog for this popular front-end tool.

9. The StackOverflow Blog

On this blog, which covers almost every aspect of web development, you will find great surveys, statistics, news articles, tutorials, and insights into upcoming projects. We highly recommend this blog for news blog posts.

10. Igvita

Igvita is a blog by Ilya Grigorik, a Google’s web performance engineer. His articles are heavily focused on web performance and security. Although updates on the site are not frequent, his content is amazing; so don’t miss it.