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So, you’ve decided to use an outsourcing company for your custom software development business needs. But how do you pick the right one to work with or find out what the company offers? This is a very important decision to make and one that needs a bit of thought and research. We have earlier written about a few important things to consider when choosing a custom software development company. You can read the piece here. But, new queries and considerations constantly come up, and we want to help you make the right decision with regards to choosing the firm that can deliver the best product for you. So here are some questions to keep in mind during your search:

Who will manage the software development project?

It is important that a person with good technical as well as business skills is designated as your main point of contact throughout the duration of the development process, and also during the support and maintenance phase. This way, you can focus on your business, and the project manager can focus on the technology needs of your business. However, not all software development firms provide a project manager. So, if you don’t have a project manager on your end, and the development team is unable to provide you one, you could have some serious issues communicating your needs with clarity to the development team.

Will the software firm build on my ideas?

When you go to a software company with an idea of something you want built, you need them to not just grasp the idea and build it, but you also want them to add to it. They should ask you questions and try to fully understand what you have in mind and want in the product long term. They should also provide you with options and suggestions to make the product better!

Who owns the intellectual property of the software?

When you engage a software development firm to build a custom software solution, it is common to assume that you and your business have complete ownership over the source code that is created. This isn’t always true. Read the fine print of the contract that is drawn up with the software company, before you sign it to make sure that there are no ‘gotchas’ when it comes to who owns the license. Ensure that you have a non-revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to all the source code. Without this ownership clause, you may be obliged to pay licensing fees perennially to the firm that built your software project, just to keep using it!

Will the software firm advise and educate me?

As a business owner you will have some requirements for the software you want developed, but not all of it might be feasible or doable. When picking a software firm, go with someone who isn’t afraid to disagree with you (if it’s necessary), and is able to present you with alternatives. Look for a software development company that has wide experience, and will be able to advise you on what works and what won’t. They should also take the time to explain the thinking and reasoning behind the decisions they make with regards to your project.

Will the potential software development partner understand my business needs? Will they communicate it to their team properly?

Communication is key between, you, your stakeholders (if any) and the software development firm. A lot of back-and-forth takes place during the different stages, and ideas are shared. So, it is important that in the development team you choose, you have someone who has a good understanding of technology as well as business. This is usually the project manager. He or she, will keep you appraised on the progress of your project, play a key role in communicating your vision to the development team during product discovery meetings, and will gather feedback from your stakeholders during the product development and demos. Make sure to pick a company to work with, where the channels of communication are open and effective!

If you get favorable answers for all of the above questions before you engage a firm to build your custom software application, you will most likely have a problem-free working relationship from the start while checking quality assurance for the end product.

Does your business need to hire a software development company? 

If you are looking for custom software development we can help. Our web-based solutions are guaranteed to improve the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of your business.  Asahi Technologies is prepared to meet all of your enterprise software development needs with the utmost confidence that we can deliver a product that lives up to your standards.

Here are some of the questions asked to us by our Manufacturing Industry and Financial Services Application Development Clients:  

Q: I have a fairly decent idea of what I want to build. But, I do not have detailed specifications for my project. Is this alright?   

A: Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the technical stuff. We’re happy to discuss your ideas and advise you. We have a highly experienced business team that can comfortably translate business functions and requirements into software project specifications, user stories and wireframes. Most clients that come to us don’t have specifications, we develop these for them. We have satisfied global clients from many different industries – all who were at very different stages of planning. To read some reviews of our Custom Software Development Company & Web Application Development Services check out our testimonials page.  

Q: Why should I hire Asahi Technologies for my custom enterprise software development project?    

A: At Asahi Technologies, we value the partnerships we create. Our clients represent more than just a project. As your technology partners we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your unique business needs by leveraging complex technologies and providing you the support and maintenance you require after a project is launched. We value creating purposeful and innovative projects that help your business grow, become more profitable and more efficient.

With head office in New York, we have experience working with the most demanding clients, for instance, in the financial industry. We have a strong business  strategy team, which listens to client challenges carefully before crafting the most suitable technology solution and our technology team is passionate about building quality software solutions for clients. We blend the best and the brightest creative thinkers and engineers who are dedicated to excellence and revolutionizing your business with unique web solutions. 

Q: Who will be my point of contact at Asahi Technologies?    

A: The project manager assigned to your project will usually be your primary point of contact throughout the course of the engagement with Asahi Technologies. 

Let Asahi Technologies help you develop your next custom application development project for your business.

Want to read some of the testimonials of our New York software development services? 

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