Logistics is the backbone of pretty much every business out there. Inventory management, shipping products, materials for manufacturing, etc. are all examples of the moving parts behind the flow of commerce, and those moving parts can be difficult to stay on top of without the help of some dedicated software. 

Because the logistics needs of each company are unique and specific, software solutions for those needs tend to be equally as unique. Custom applications for logistics are becoming more and more common in the business world, both for larger already established companies and for startups. 

Below, we’ll talk about some possible uses for custom logistics applications. 

Delivery Tracking for Ecommerce

More people than ever are doing their shopping online, and that means a lot more products are being shipped out and delivered to customers. For online retailers, this means they need to have a centralized application for tracking and updating customers on the shipping process. 

While most shipping companies use their own tracking programs and delivery management portals, the most successful online retailers utilize their own portals to give customers access to tracking information in the same place where they can find the details and invoice for their order. 

This means having custom logistics applications developed that can integrate into their online marketplace ecosystems to provide customers with convenient access to all of their order info. 

Warehouse Optimization

The larger a company’s product catalog, the larger its warehousing system needs to be to accommodate inventory. 

While some companies still use manual inventory tracking to maintain their warehouse data, this methodology is inefficient and quickly going the way of the dinosaurs. 

Instead, companies are turning to custom application development to handle their warehouse logistics. These applications allow warehouse data to be unified and displayed in a single location for easier tracking. While the specifics vary from company to company, many of these solutions also integrate convenience features like low-stock alerts or missing stock notifications. 

A healthy warehouse makes for a happier business, and warehouse logistics applications are all but necessary in today’s fast-paced world of retail. 

Marketing Logistics

One of the lesser considered, but still incredibly important, facets of logistics is a company’s ability to track and manage its marketing materials and campaigns. 

For example, one of our clients was tasked with managing all of the marketing campaigns for FedEx, which is a gargantuan job given the size and reach of a global shipping leader. At the time that we were contacted by them, our client was simultaneously juggling around 50 different campaigns and starting to feel a little overwhelmed, to say the least. 

The problem was that they didn’t have a centralized way to measure and track the reach and success of these campaigns, instead having to analyze each one separately and manually compare the results. 

To solve this problem, we built them a custom application for their marketing logistics that was able to connect with third-party systems and query data from the many FedEx campaigns set up by SRI. The application was then able to render data like total spend, leads generated, deals closed, revenue-to-spend ratio and other metrics in a visual manner that was easier to analyze. 

This solution allowed our client to easily track and manage the campaigns in a way that made sense and saved time and work. 

Read the full case study here

Let Us Build Your Custom Logistics Application

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