Companies in 2021 are inundated with ways to interact with their customer base. Gone are the days where billboards, magazines, and the television screen in the living room were the only windows into the lives of the American people. 

Nowadays we have laptops, tablets, and smartphones delivering content to consumers wherever they might go. It’s a utopia of digital experiences being shared and interacted with on a constant basis, and it’s also a bounty of possibilities for companies looking to engage their users. 

So it’s no surprise when we say that mobile apps are the new standard for facilitating that engagement. It’s also worth noting that the majority of those apps are being developed for companies by third-party custom mobile app developers

Why Go Custom With Your Apps?

Companies want to engage with their customers and, maybe more importantly, potential customers. Well, they should at least. 

There are platforms out there for doing this. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. However, using those platforms is trading off an amount of creative freedom through terms of service in exchange for access to a user base. 

What we’re seeing more and more is that these companies are creating their own platforms for engagement. Custom media platforms, social media platforms, networking tools, and more. Why? Because it lets them engage people on their own terms. 

A small-scale example of this is an app we made for a client that served as a social media platform strictly for people who lived in the same apartment buildings in New York City. It was a closed-access way for tenants to share building news and announcements, gossip and chat, and trade home goods and furniture. You can read the case study here.

That’s what customized application development brings to the table – an opportunity for companies to create interactions on their own terms that are built to their own specifications. 

Not Just For Customer Interaction

We don’t want to give the impression that custom mobile app development is only meant to serve customer-facing purposes. Many companies have needs for mobile app development services that can build functional internal tools as well.

For instance, we helped a startup company build a custom mobile app that could connect fire inspectors with dispatch while on location. The application could interface with a portal that centralized functions like task management, documentation, and form completion. This allowed the field teams to stay up to date in real-time with what was happening back in the office and vice versa. Read the case study here

The reality is that, if you can think of it, there’s probably a way to turn it into a mobile app that will make everybody’s lives easier. 

Custom App Development Saves Money

There are two major benefits of having your mobile apps developed by a custom third party developer:

  1. Like we mentioned above, having your app custom built means that it can be and do anything you need it to. You make the rules that define the app, rather than being trapped in somebody else’s rules. 
  2. Custom app development ultimately saves money. 

That second one is the real kicker for a lot of companies. After all, if it’s good for your bottom line then it’s good for the company. 

While it’s true that upfront development costs can be a little daunting if your mobile app is a large undertaking, it’s probably going to be cheaper than paying licensing fees for premium access to SaaS platforms or banging your head against the confines of another company’s mobile app limitations. 

Having your own app built on your terms means you’re only paying for what you need, and you’re only getting what you want. You’re not spending money on features that you’re simply not going to use or paying for services that aren’t completely relevant for your business. 

Why Asahi Should Develop Your Custom Mobile App

At Asahi, we’ve developed all different types of mobile applications for all different kinds of companies. We’re a New York City-based custom software development service, so by nature, we’re constantly surrounded by and working with innovative startups with big dreams. That also means we have a lot of experience when it comes to figuring out how to turn those dreams into a reality for what may oftentimes be shoestring budgets. 

And that’s okay, because a big part of what we do is to work with you to help discover exactly what your needs are and then how to bring the solution to those needs into fruition while remaining affordable for your budget. We always overdeliver, because we believe that each custom app development project is the highest priority for our, and your, success. 

If you or your company is looking to hire a custom mobile application development service to help bring your company’s vision to life, please take a second to check out our reviews & testimonials and click the link below to get a free consultation.