One of the best parts of being a New York-based software development company is that we get to be a part of an ecosystem with some of the most innovative up and coming companies in the world. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of companies here that start with a single ingenious idea and then work up from there, introducing exciting and completely fresh business concepts to the world with their services. 

As such, custom software development for startups in New York City is a whole different ball game from development for larger, more established corporations. In fact, that’s true for all of the startups we work with around the country. It’s just a very unique experience developing each custom project for these fresh companies. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways in which custom software development differs for startups compared to projects for larger companies, and why we love doing it. 

It Starts with the Software

With many of our custom development projects for startups, the software is actually the foundational piece of the business. 

For example, one of our clients came to us with the idea for a custom dating app that would allow users to meet potential matches by simply placing them in the same social setting at the same time and letting nature take its course. The client had the idea for their business, but the app needed to be developed to get the operation moving. That meant that the development process began with a much more defined and robust end goal than the typical project, and it was incredibly exciting to work on. 

This is often the case with startups. They’re built around an idea that needs to have software created around that idea that will serve as the vehicle for its realization. 

The Software is Unique

Another characteristic of developing custom software for startups is that the software itself is often pretty out-of-the-box in terms of functionality. 

For instance, it’s one thing to develop a social media platform. They’re fun and interesting projects to begin with, and there are loads of them. But a social media platform specifically tailored to allow tenants of New York City apartment complexes interact with each other in a closed system? That was entirely new for us. 

That’s exactly what one of our startup clients tasked us to do, and it was a lot of fun. We had to create a platform that would let tenants interact with one another and receive news and updates concerning their building. It was sort of an intranet platform for everybody living in a particular apartment building that allowed for social interaction via a discussion forum, building notifications, and even a marketplace for trading used furniture and household items with one another. 

With larger, more established businesses, projects are generally a little more based on common needs. They’re usually involving creating portals to unify data access, logistical streamlining of processes, etc. Startup projects almost always have a unique flair to them that makes them particularly exciting to work on. 

Our Custom Software Development Service is Perfect for Startups

At Asahi Technologies, we have a lot of experience working with startups for their custom software needs. Our expert teams of developers and designers will work with you to uncover exactly what sort of application will best deliver on your specific challenges, and you can choose the extent of your involvement along every step of the process. 

If you or your startup company needs to hire a custom software development company in New York to help bring your vision to life, please take a moment and click the button below to contact us.