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Asahi Technologies is a Custom Software Development Company located in the heart of New York City, developing software solutions and applications for companies in Chicago, Illinois within the Financial Services, Construction, Healthcare, and Tech Start-up Industries. We’ve developed custom software and applications for companies in Chicago like yours and we are here to help your Chicago-based business find success with its next software development project!

Your Chicago Business Needs A Software Solution

Please your current customers in Chicago and grow your business opportunities by having a custom software application developed by Asahi Technologies. No matter what industry your Chicago-based business works in, you need quality software developed to ensure the happiness of your customers, the profit of your transactions, or the management of your data. Our custom software development services in Chicago can help with your next project.

Our Custom Software Solutions Can Help Increase Customer Retention And Grow Your Chicago Business’ Profitability

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Asahi Tech was fully vested in our project from the start and keen on delivering a high quality product that we would be proud of, and that is what ultimately made the difference for us. We are very happy with our decision to partner with them!
5/5 Stars
– Blake Stewart, Founder, IBuyAbilene

Your team was prompt, responsive, professional, and gave us exactly what we were looking for. The portal you delivered streamlined our entire negotiation and market discovery by saving us a considerable number of man-hours through automation. It also helped us improve our turnaround time to market events and deliver on both resilience and savings.
5/5 Stars
– Varun Mehta, Global Procurement Manager, Unilever

New York Web Developer Reviews

Asahi Technologies can help modernize your Chicago business and build new applications to replace outdated software applications.

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Asahi Technologies provides quality, informed, professional customer services to clients in the Chicago area – including a FREE CONSULTATION for all of our Software Development Clients & Customers
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How Banking and Financial Software Are Changing the Game

Few industries are more complex or contain more moving parts than the financial and banking industries. On top of this complexity are higher stakes, with errors often leading to real financial losses on multiple levels.  It makes sense, then, that the businesses in these industries use custom software to increase efficiency, maximize productivity, reduce human errors, provide better customer experiences, and much more.  For instance, most banks offer their customers mobile applications that provide all of the common banking services right at their fingertips. Many people now go months, or possibly even years, without physically stepping foot into a bank.

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3 Custom Application Solutions for Startups

We’ve had a lot of experience working on custom software development projects for startups. They’re some of our favorite jobs because they’re often so unique and tackling interesting challenges that come with the territory of being a newer company.  Of course startups have a lot of software needs. They’re generally starting off with a vision and a plan to achieve that vision, but they don’t have the acquired software infrastructure that comes with time as a company.  Because of that, their needs are usually bigger in terms of impact than those of a larger company. On the other hand, they’re

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How the Manufacturing Industry Uses Custom Software

  Oftentimes, when we think of manufacturing, we think of assembly lines and workers putting things together and shipping them out. In truth, a manufacturing business is a gargantuan undertaking that consists of a multitude of departments and operations.  As such, the manufacturing industry is one that utilizes custom developed software even more than most other businesses.  In most cases, manufacturers don’t have their own in-house software teams, so they look outside for third-party custom software developers to create their applications on a case-by-case basis.  Below we’ll talk about some of the common uses the manufacturing industry has for custom

Web Portal Development Services

Web Portal Development Services Whether your business needs a Web Portal developed for your Employees or you’re a Healthcare System looking for Patient Web Portal Development – Asahi Technologies has the experience and expertise related to web portal development you need for your project to turn out successful. We’ve developed web portals for a number of clients, from a Loan Servicing Portal for a Financial Start-up to developing an Extranet Web Portal for the World Trade Centers Association our custom software development services and web portal development capabilities are second to none. Want to learn more about some of the



Chief Solutions Architect

Rahul is a wellspring of wisdom when it comes to driving innovation and improving healthcare services using advanced custom software solutions. He specializes in delivering the technical guidance needed to ensure success across the digital product life cycle. His unique problem-solving approach provides the guidance and strong architectural foundation needed to transform digital health services.