We’ve had a lot of experience working on custom software development projects for startups. They’re some of our favorite jobs because they’re often so unique and tackling interesting challenges that come with the territory of being a newer company. 

Of course startups have a lot of software needs. They’re generally starting off with a vision and a plan to achieve that vision, but they don’t have the acquired software infrastructure that comes with time as a company. 

Because of that, their needs are usually bigger in terms of impact than those of a larger company. On the other hand, they’re less restricted by tradition and more open to try unique approaches to solving problems. 

Below,  we’ll talk about 3 custom application solutions that we built for the unique challenges faced by our startup clients. 

An eCommerce Solution With a Kick 

An Italian restauranteur saw an opportunity to bring exotic Italian coffee beans and coffee machines to restaurants and homes alike across North America. The problem was they needed an ecommerce platform that could support their business while appealing to potential customers. 

So that’s exactly what we built for them. 

Our team developed a custom ecommerce portal using Broadleaf Micro Services to accommodate any business needs that our startup Italian coffee client might need. 

The features included product information management capabilities that made it easy to organize information on the client’s multiple kinds of coffee machine, pod size, and flavor offerings. 

On top of that, our application gave the client access to order management through FedEx shipping integration, stripe payment gateway integration, and product notification capabilities. 

Custom portals for ecommerce are a common need for startups and are an important part of maintaining an online-focused business. 

Read the full case study here.

A Community Social App for NYC Apartment Building Residents

A marketer in New York City recognized an opportunity to create an application that would allow apartment building residents to connect with each other and make apartment life a more fun and rewarding experience. 

We worked with the client to create the custom app over the course of two phases. 

Phase I involved quickly building a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP. This MVP allowed the client to market the application to an interest group primarily composed of a closed circle of friends and family to gather preliminary feedback. 

Phase II was implementing that feedback into a more robust final version of the application. The end result was a feature-rich app that let apartment residents communicate in a discussion forum, made building notifications for events and safety alerts more visible and accessible, and allowed residents to trade furniture, household items, and appliances with one another. 

The application was a success and helped to enrich the lives of a small community of people, and we had a lot of fun with the project. It was a great example of the creative applications of custom software for a unique startup idea. 

Read the full case study here

A Loan Application & Servicing Portal With a Return on Time Saved

Startups are often built around an idea that serves to improve the world in some small way. One of our clients had a vision to do just that by streamlining loan disbursal for small and medium-sized businesses across the country and accelerating the process to get money to the companies that need it. 

This meant a completely online loan application process with minimal documentation requirements and real-time interactive feedback. 

Of course creating a portal that could handle that was going to be a major challenge. It had to support third-party integrations with a variety of security tools and other systems. It had to be scalable to accommodate client growth. Lastly, it had to implement a complex multi-factor loan approval process. 

Oh, and the threshold for error was incredibly low. It’s a portal that deals with the banking and financial domain, after all. 

Luckily, our team is used to working on high-stakes projects of all sorts, so the pressure to succeed wasn’t a problem. In the end, we delivered a portal that accomplished the goal of completely overhauling and streamlining the loan application process so that our client’s clients could enjoy a much more easily navigated business loan landscape. 

Sometimes a startup can be facing massive and daunting challenges, and a good custom software developer will have the experience and expertise necessary to tackle those challenges and deliver on the vision. 

Read the full case study here.

Asahi Technologies is capable of handling any software development project for companies of all sizes, and we especially enjoy working with startups.  

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