Oftentimes, when we think of manufacturing, we think of assembly lines and workers putting things together and shipping them out. In truth, a manufacturing business is a gargantuan undertaking that consists of a multitude of departments and operations. 

As such, the manufacturing industry is one that utilizes custom developed software even more than most other businesses. 

In most cases, manufacturers don’t have their own in-house software teams, so they look outside for third-party custom software developers to create their applications on a case-by-case basis. 

Below we’ll talk about some of the common uses the manufacturing industry has for custom developed software. 

Corporate and Employee Portals

Manufacturers aren’t simply running assembly plants or factories, they also have corporate offices that function like any other business. That means HR departments, accounting, marketing, etc. 

All those departments need to stay connected and have access to various files and information, so in a lot of cases a custom made intranet employee portal is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Larger manufacturing companies may even need separate extranet portals for marketing and distribution partners. 

Such was the case for one of Asahi Technologies’ clients, GIGABYTE. They needed a portal developed that would enable them to effectively connect with their North American partners (resellers, distributors, system integrators, etc.) and provide exclusive marketing collaterals and other content. 

We created a scalable portal and suggested implementing a CMS (Content Management System) that would make a solution possible, and the project was a huge success. 

Read the full case study here

Software Controlled Machines

As manufacturing continues to progress in their utilization of robotics and automation technology, there is an ever-greater need for software that controls those bleeding-edge machines. 

When it comes to robotics on the manufacturing floor, there needs to be software capable of monitoring every metric for every machine in real time. The slightest change in PSI for a robotic arm can alter the entire process flow. 

Beyond monitoring metrics, there also needs to be a software solution for altering parameters on the fly as the situation demands. 

Manufacturers are more and more often looking to third party custom software developers to create solutions for these challenges. Tailor-made applications allow companies to dictate their own preferred methods of monitoring and controlling their machinery. 

Automated Invoicing Solutions

Manufacturing companies have to deal with a lot of invoices. Whether it’s for supplies, shipping, sales, etc., there are a lot of transactions that need to be completed and recorded on all fronts of the business. 

It makes sense then that a lot of manufacturing companies seek out ways to automate their invoicing. It saves time for their employees whilst simultaneously providing comprehensive storage and organization capabilities for invoice data. 

One of our clients, a New York-based family owned kitchen countertop manufacturer, was looking for exactly that – a way to automate their invoicing. 

To solve their process needs, we created a custom application that would automatically generate new quotes in PDF format, notify the sales team of the upcoming order, and create a new client record while digitizing the customer’s specs. All of that can now be accomplished without a single wasted hour of employee time. 

You can read the full case study here

Why Manufacturing Companies Should Look to Us for Custom Software Solutions

The above are just a few examples of the countless uses manufacturing companies could have for custom developed software. 

Internally, every departmental process is an opportunity for automated assistance or unified data management. 

Then there are always the possibilities for customer-facing applications, both mobile and web-based. The imagination is the only limit, and Asahi Technologies has done them all in some form or another. 

Our experienced team of developers and designers are up to tackling any custom software project you can think of, and we’ll always over-deliver. 

If you or your manufacturing business is looking for a custom software development company to help bring your project to life, please take a second to check out our reviews & testimonials and click the link below to get a free consultation.