Updated October 2021

Internet of things (IoT) is the networking of devices, vehicles, and home appliances with electronics, software, and connectivity that allow the constituents of the network to connect, interact, and exchange data with each other. IoT involves extending Internet connectivity to traditional non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects. With the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT solutions have become extremely prominent in today’s society. Here are the top 5 IoT technology trends to look out for:

1. IoT Security

The moment you connect an everyday object to the Internet or any sort of network, it is prone to security vulnerabilities. Therefore the IoT security space is going to play a vital role in ensuring our devices are safe from information attacks and physical tampering. If we understand how the day-to-day objects we use have mostly simple components and rudimentary systems that may not lend themselves to sophisticated security measures, the significance of IoT security becomes quite apparent.

2. IoT Analytics

All this information that is now being mined and analyzed from these objects will require a whole new set of tools and approaches. Developing new business models around objects that are gathering information about a customer will require accurate reports. IoT Analytics will be combing through the exponentially increasing data volumes and will thus require new technologies to understand this data.

3. IoT Device Management

Right now all you have to worry about is your laptop, desktop, car, smartphone, and maybe an occasional digital watch! That’s already more than you can handle without losing track of your data. The future will include many more devices that will need firmware updates, software updates, diagnostics, crash analysis and reporting, physical management, and security management. The scale of device management will have increased to perhaps a million devices and will require tools to manage and monitor them!

4. IoT Processors

The choosing of processor architectures for IoT devices will require advanced technical skills. These processors will essentially decide what kind of security, encryption, power consumption, operating system, updatable firmware, and device management tools will go into IoT devices.

5. IoT Operating Systems

Traditional operating systems will not be supported by IoT devices. It won’t be possible to jam Windows or iOS or Android into all IoT applications. These operating systems will have limitations in areas such as power consumption, response time, and memory. In fact, in some cases, tailor-made operating systems will have to be developed for IoT-specific devices or for specific hardware footprints. There will be a need for operating system development for the future of IoT devices.

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