Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of exciting custom software development projects for startups around the country. During that time, we’ve pinned down some areas where startups tend to be flourishing the most. 

Below, we’ll list some of the top cities in the U.S. for startup companies and give some insights from our perspective as software developers why they’re at the top of the list. 

1. New York City 

Unsurprisingly, New York City is a great place to start a business. The potential local customer base is enormous, tourism traffic is high, and there’s a local talent pool filled with some of the best professionals in any field. 

On top of that, New York City offers plenty of tax benefits and incentives to ease the burden on businesses and help them to find their footing. 

There are also a lot, and we mean a LOT, of startups in the city. Business owners and entrepreneurs have created their own subculture in which they help each other out and lift each other up with advice and information sharing. This is particularly true in industries like IT and entertainment. And, of course, it’s one of the world’s largest centers for finance, so there is plenty of business to go around. 

2. Hoboken, New Jersey

At first glance, Hoboken is a relatively small area in New Jersey with a population well below the 100,000 mark. However, that first glance is deceiving. 

If you zoom out a little, you’ll realize that Hoboken is actually a part of the greater New York City metropolitan area. Suddenly, the potential access to a gigantic local customer base becomes more apparent. 

Not only that, but the Hudson Waterfront, located in Hoboken, is a major factor in New York City commerce, and the Hoboken Terminal is easily one of the most important transportation hubs in the tri-state area. 

The economic situation in Hoboken is looking good too, with an unemployment rate that’s far below the national average. 

Speaking of employment, the local talent pool is brimming with potential star employees for your startup. Hoboken schools are excellent compared to the national average, and the area places a heavy emphasis on furthering education at the higher level. 

3. Warwick, Rhode Island 

Warwick is a beautiful town just south of Providence and about 60 miles away from Boston. This placement is essential to consider when planning your startup, as it’s close enough to two metropolitan areas to benefit from, but still distant enough to keep real estate costs down to manageable levels. 

But the location isn’t the only thing Warwick has going for it for new businesses. The town is fiercely loyal to supporting their local business, and does so by providing resources and help wherever possible. 

The local government offers start-up support businesses that are just a phone call away. There are also funding assistance resources provided by Warwick officials’ coordination with State, Federal, and private financial resources and institutions. 

They’ll also help you locate the perfect spot for you to set up shop, providing the most strategically sound locations to help both your business and the local population. 

4. San Diego, California

Many business publications over the past decade have listed San Diego as one of, if not the, best places in America to start a business. 

Why? Well the city has a strong economy, a diverse population, great educational institutions, an incredible quality of life and world recognition. That means everything you need, from staffing to materials to customers, are all located within the city limits, and you’re in a prime spot for any international dealings as well. 

If all that wasn’t enough, the city provides financial incentives for startups that meet one of the following criteria: 

  • It provides significant revenues and/or jobs. 
  • It promotes the stability and growth of City taxes and other revenue.
  • It constructs appropriate development in older parts of the City. 
  • It is being induced by other jurisdictions to relocate from San Diego. 

That means there is a lot of opportunity to get some financial help for your startup, and that’s the exact sort of help most businesses could really use when getting started. 

5. Dallas, Texas 

Dallas is an amazing destination for startups for many of the same reasons as New York City. It’s the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States, has multiple international hubs, is close to some of the best universities in the country, and has a huge, multicultural population. 

There are other benefits unique to the area however. For instance, the talent pool is incredible. Why? Well the state of Texas has no income tax. That means the top talent from around the country is moving to Dallas and getting an instant raise of up to 13% simply by virtue of paying less taxes from their paychecks. 

Another benefit that Dallas has over a lot of other very populated cities is that the real estate prices are still relatively affordable. For example, you could probably rent several office spaces in Dallas for the price of renting a single desk area in metropolitan NYC. 

The international aspect is a big factor as well. With several international airports and trade hubs, Dallas is a large city that escapes the bubble mentality of a lot of other cities. It’s a region that thrives on trade and international exchange rather than trying to exist solely within its own boundaries. 

Custom Software for Startups

Whichever city or town you decide to set up shop in for your startup business, you’re bound to run into the need for software solutions that address your specific challenges. 

That’s where we come in. 

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