There are a lot of web development companies out there who are eager for business. To get that business, they’ll often say and do anything they can to convince potential clients that they’re ready and willing to deliver anything the client needs and then some. 

In reality, not all developers are created equally, and there are some that are going to fail to deliver and some that will go above and beyond to provide their client with the best possible version of their project. 

For clients who are unfamiliar with software development, it might be hard to discern the differences between bottom and top web development companies in terms of realistic expectations. To help out with that, we’ve put together a list of 5 things that the top-tier companies will deliver for their clients. 

1. Demonstrating Understanding of the Client’s Goals 

Web development projects can be complex, and one of the major benefits of hiring a development company to handle those projects is that they have expertise in managing development while keeping things on schedule and focusing on the end goals. 

However, too many development companies will jump the gun and begin work without fully understanding the goals of the project and end up delivering something that doesn’t meet expectations. 

A top web development company will take the time to understand the goals of the project before starting to work on it. That means asking meaningful questions and demonstrating an understanding of just what it is that the client wants. It might also mean sharing and talking through mockups. The important thing is that everybody is on the same page with what the deliverable will be and what “finished” will look like. 

2. Prioritizing Value for the Client

Web development isn’t cheap, to say the least. A large and complex project can easily reach into the 6 figures when all is said and done, and that’s not even accounting for the support costs that come afterwards. 

Having expertise in similar projects means that a web development company possesses insights on the ins and outs of building software. A top company will utilize that expertise to find ways for the client to save money using different techniques. That’s because the best third-party developers are focused primarily on delivering value to their clients rather than trying to extract as much money as they can without breaking the budget. 

3. Responsiveness and Listening 

Communication is a vital part of any large project, and web development is no different. A good developer will stay in touch with the client through an open line of communication and provide frequent progress updates. 

However, one factor that differentiates the top developers from the rest is the ability to listen to the client instead of just pretending to know everything and brushing aside concerns. Again, development projects are large and complicated, and it’s natural for a client to have questions and concerns as things move along. The top developer will listen to those questions and concerns and address them in a way that shows understanding of where the client is coming from. 

4. Anticipation of Project Needs

ahThere are a lot of details and unforeseen necessities in development projects that may not be obvious to the client at kickoff. A top development company will spot those issues and adapt to accommodate them. 

For instance, the client might not consider the range of devices that their software will be used on, and it’s up to the developer to anticipate that and design the application to be responsive to a variety of screens and platforms. 

5. Post-Launch Support

When a development project is completed, that doesn’t mean that there’s no more work to be done. The best development companies will understand that and offer post-launch support services for their clients. 

Versioning, fixing bugs, optimizations, documentation revisions, all of these things will need to be handled by somebody after a project launches. Since the company that built the software is also going to be the one that best understands it, it makes sense for them to offer these services rather than just delivering the finished project to the client and parting ways. 

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