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Phase 1


In Phase 1 we, in consultation with you—our projects stakeholders—develop a detailed document of requirements. We will either meet you in person or via video conference to discuss and understand your current systems and processes. Once we have understood your business needs and project scope, we will provide you with a detailed discovery document that covers:

  • 1. Technical architecture
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Project plan
  • 4. Roadmap
  • 5. Refined cost
  • 6. Project timeline

Phase 2

Graphic Design

Keeping your branding guidelines and design preferences in mind, we aim to build custom software for your business. Our UI/UX designers will provide you with high-fidelity mockups, mood boards, prototypes, and design assets to ensure that your software tools have the perfect look, feel, and interface.

Phase 3


We use the agile Scrum methodology to develop software. Every 2 to 3 weeks we will kick off a Sprint development cycle with a set of deliverables laid out by our developers, testers, and UI coders. We will have daily Scrum meetings to review progress with the development team, product owners, and stakeholders. Finally, once the review is complete, we will run through another dev cycle until the product is ready.

Your Business

is Unique and we understand that.(Discovery)

Asahi Technologies is a software development company that understands the need for unique and custom solutions. Whether you need a mobile app, a corporate portal, or a custom software solution, our software specialists are here to help realize goals. Your needs are unique ... and we get it.

Software Development Company

Our approach always starts with you.(Development)

As software specialists, we understand that process is everything. Software development needs meticulous planning and execution; therefore, you will be part of every stage of the development. As your technology partners, we will take keen interest to understand your unique requirements and provide you a custom solution that will be tailored to work in harmony with your business processes. Efficiency and profitability will be our priorities.


We are


About what we do

With over 10 years of software development experience, our seasoned developers enjoy when a real challenge is thrown at them. At the center of their experience is a agile approach. We understand that time is money and we equip ourselves for both sprints and marathons to traverse a changing terrain. Our passion for what we do is the reason we are able to seamlessly meet your business goals and timelines with laser accuracy.

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Asahi Technologies has developed custom software solutions for various industries such as education, retail, fashion, media, finance, manufacture, real estate, health care, legal, and non-profits. Each of these industries comes with its own unique challenges that we have understood and developed solutions for. We can help transform and reshape your business with technology solutions that will infuse your business processes with vitality, efficiency, and ease of use.

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