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Our client wanted a fully customizable, time-saving event registration platform.

Trust Event Solutions (TES) based in North Miami, Florida is an event management software provider specializing in providing technology solutions for hosting banquets, galas, fundraisers, university events, golf tournaments, and other high-visibility private and community-focused events.

For over two decades TES has provided organizations like the Ronald McDonald House Charities, University of California – Berkeley, Emory University, William J. Clinton Foundation, Campbell Soup Company, Deutsche Bank Championship, The Tiger Woods Foundation, OMC Regional Foundation, Professional Golfer’s Association, and the Miami Open Tennis Championship with the resources they need to market, manage, and host unforgettable live and web-based events.

TES wanted to build the next generation of their legacy event registration software to simplify and facilitate all of their client’s event management needs. This new system had to be a fully customizable registration platform that helps event organizers save time, cut costs, streamline communication, and generate higher event ROI.The new solution should be scalable to support continuous development and the ability to add new features and functions as needed.


To replace obsolete technology and improve the core functionality of an event management solution

Trust Event Solution’s legacy event registration platform had been a successful deployment when it was initially released but a lack of updates over the years caused the system to show its age and critically reduce core functionality. Though the system had proven successful for many customers and been used to manage many award-winning events, it was finally time to complete a comprehensive update to address several key areas of concern:

  • The firm’s legacy event management solution had been developed using ColdFusion, a very outdated technology that was not actively supported anymore.
  • The system was unable to track and manage the history of any contact registering for events.
  • The outdated legacy event management system’s performance was a concern as it was prone to crashes and failures during new event launches.
  • The general user experience was below par and the user interface delivered a clunky and outdated experience for customers.
  • New deployments were manual and tedious.
  • There were issues with scalability and in general limitations on what the software could do because of the technology stack that was used.

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An scalable and agile software comprising four modules, including a PGA Tour portal

To overcome these challenges, Asahi Technologies implemented a modern event management technology stack that would support enterprise applications and enable them to be more agile and scalable to meet the firm’s evolving needs in the years ahead:

  • Java 8 with Spring Boot and Hibernate was chosen as the primary stack for the backend.
  • Angular 8+ was chosen as the front-end language.
  • The entire new system was deployed on AWS which enabled the front and backend to be deployed separately instead of together.
  • CI/CD pipelines were put in place to automate and speed up deployments.
  • The entire backend was re-visualized keeping performance and scalability in mind.
  • The new system was built around the user/contact that was registering events instead of the other way around.
  • The UI was given a major revamp with all the functionality from legacy being migrated to the new system and a lot of additional features were added too.
  • The user experience was improved by implementing a more intuitive workflow instead of the old rudimentary registration process.

The updated event management solution is comprised of 4 separate modules:

  • Super Admin Portal – The super admin portal was built to enable the customer support/service team of TES to create and manage the various events of their clients.
  • Event Management Portal – The event organizers for the various events hosted by the platform could use this portal to manage their individual events at a granular level. There were at least 150-200 settings that let the event organizers modify their events as per their requirements. No two events in the systems are usually the same because of this.
  • User Event Registration Portal – The users/volunteers/participants of the events use this public-facing portal to register for various events they would like to be a part of. Once they are done registering, they can log in and manage various aspects of their registration for a particular event. For example, they can update their basic contact details, their purchase of uniforms, their assignments, and schedules. Some designated users can also manage the assignments and schedules of other users in the system.
  • PGA Tour Portal – This portal was developed especially for the PGA Tour which is the biggest user of the new system. They wanted to have a portal where they could look at the consolidated details of various events of the PGA Tour that are currently happening or going to take place in the near future.

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Amazing communication

When we got in touch, we were looking for a partner that could stabilize our existing solution—we were going through a period of transition and needed someone to provide our company the stability and a plan to take our solution to the next level. Asahi Technologies provided us with that and our communication together was amazing.
Scott Becker
Owner, Trust Event Solutions

World-class event management software that established the Client’s leadership position

The end result is a highly functional software solution that improves Trust Event Solution’s market position by delivering its clients the functionality, utility, and reliability needed to market, host, and manage world-class events. The new system delivers measurable performance improvements while at the same time reducing maintenance costs and improving the ROI of customer events.