Client looking to streamline the e-prescription market

Srinivas Athuluri, RPh is an entrepreneur and healthcare professional with several decades of experience in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry in Boston, Massachusetts. He knew there had to be a better way pharmacists, patients, and payers to process prescriptions to receive life-saving medical interventions.

The client decided to secure a custom digital health solution to streamline pharmacy operations with a simpler and more user-friendly prescription medication ordering and fulfillment process. The system needed to be able to connect health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, specialty pharmacies, and urban/rural hubs.

By reducing the time pharmacists needed to spend completing laborious manual paperwork, they were able to focus their attention on more important matters — delivering their patients, suppliers, and partners the highest levels of service possible.

Filling medical prescriptions creates a significant documentation burden. Pharmacists need to regularly submit records to comply with U.S. federal continuing education (CE), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reporting guidelines. Pharmacists are also required to complete rigorous paperwork to submit to drug manufacturers, prescribing physicians, insurance payers, patients, and other community stakeholders.

The client wanted to build a simpler and more efficient digital application to fill prescriptions, streamline pharmacy operations while fulfilling state and federal compliance requirements. He saw that there was a tremendous opportunity available by providing pharmacy networks with a streamlined and simplified electronic prescription system.


Asahi Technologies built a patient-prescriber-pharmacist portal

Asahi Technologies set to work building a custom healthcare solution. The development team wanted to build a simple and interactive application to link patients, prescribers, and pharmacists. The new system needed to be able to respond to the diverse needs of these persona profiles.

The automated solution features a patient-facing “iConsult”module which serves as a family health profile and secure digital health record. The application allows patients to quickly and securely contact their pharmacists to ask questions about their prescriptions. The system safeguards personal health information (PHI) while making it readily accessible across the healthcare matrix.

The complete iPickup e-prescription solution also features a portal for pharmacists which allows them to have a single digital resource to respond to patients, answer insurance claims, complete essential documentation and update prescriptions to expedite care delivery. The new system streamlines pharmacy operations, reduces workload, saves time, and simplifies many regulatory compliance.

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Extremely pleased

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, healthcare networks have been facing tremendous challenges. Completing robust digital transformation is the key to delivering better patient-facing services, reducing costs, and expediting pharmacy operations around the world.

Asahi Technologies delivered the technical software development expertise I needed to deliver a successful digital health solution. iPickUp has been so successful at my business I have sold the solution to other pharmacies in the United States and Canada. I am extremely pleased with the results

Srinivas Athuluri
RPh, Founder and CEO at iPickUp


Custom-built software makes pharmacy operations efficient

  • Reduces patient prescription wait times and administrative burden placed on pharmacies
  • Allows customers to view, modify, and cancel pharmacy services from any wi-fi enabled device such as smartphone, tablet, or notebook.
  • Delivers a simple, searchable, and secure inventory management system.
  • Provides pharmacists more robust on-demand visibility into their daily operations.
  • Offers language support for English, French, and Spanish Pharmacy operations.
  • Empowers business development by creating better relationships with patients, providers, and payer networks.
  • Eases administrative burden caused by completing state and federal regulatory compliance documentation.

Asahi Technologies designed custom electronic prescription software to streamline and automate essential pharmacy operations.

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iPickUp transforms OR expedites pharmacy operations in North America

High-value pharmaceutical services play a vital role in community health systems. When pharmacy operations run smoother, patients receive life-saving medicines faster, and providers are not as stressed by the need to complete time-intensive paperwork. All across the healthcare landscape, digital transformation is accelerating care delivery to empower better patient outcomes.

As of Jan. 1, 2023, Medicare Part D participants are required to use the electronic prescription software when prescribing controlled substances. In 2021 over 2.1 billion e-prescriptions were filled in the United States and that number is expected to climb significantly in the coming years.

Since iPickUp was launched, the mobile application and web-based portals for patients and pharmacists have transformed pharmacy operations for clients across North America. The system continues to gain popularity for healthcare, pharmaceutical insurance and medical decision makers because they see the clear benefit the service offers to help them save time, money, and vital organizational resources.