• We build Scalable and Secure
    Software Solutions.

    Asahi Technologies is a custom software development company. We are committed to solving complex business challenges by building intuitive and innovative software solutions.

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    We build Scalable and Secure <br/>Software  Solutions.
  • Custom Fire Inspection Software

    AriesSoft wanted Asahi Technologies to create a software solution that minimizes human error in completing file inspection reports. We developed a cloud-based mobile application that could be accessed on smartphones and tablets to capture and report critical data from fire inspection checks.

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    Custom Fire Inspection Software

What We Do

Asahi Technologies started operations in the year 2010. We have experience with a wide range of services such as Custom Software Development, E-commerce solution, Content Management Systems, Enterprise portal, and Mobile Apps.

We are problem solvers and we enjoy resolving complex issues. This approach and our technical capabilities help us make our clients successful.

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  • Alex Norman

    Asahi Technologies has been our technology partner from the beginning. I like Asahi’s always on approach to helping me manage my business. Asahi’s team has been willing to roll up their sleeves in helping me solve my business challenges. Their performance and quality of work has been stellar. I highly recommend Asahi Technologies.

    Alex Norman
    CEO and Founder, My Coop
  • Douglas Cleek

    I really like the way your teams work and the solutions you provided to enable this project to be completed, even with the client throwing a few monkey-wrenches into the mix every week or two. Considering the distances we had to overcome, we worked out a good process for future collaboration.

    Look forward to working together again.

    Douglas Cleek
  • Founder

    I trust you completely and value you highly.

    Wall Street based financial research firm. Client of more than 9 years appreciating the work done by the team at Asahi Technologies on their database application.
  • Bravo Valenti

    You are a good human being and will be reincarnated as a beautiful butterfly

    Bravo Valenti
  • Lauren Class Schneider

    Vinod, let me add that I think you have done a wonderful job on this! Your final check is in the mail. Thx again. It's really terrific. And you both have been wonderful to work with.

    Lauren Class Schneider
  • Kendra Kurth Clinton

    Thanks for the outstanding work. I'd definitely like to work with you again.

    Kendra Kurth Clinton
  • Elisa & Melissa

    Thank you for all of your team's hard work and patience.

    Elisa & Melissa
    Education Modified LLC

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We have built custom software solutions for a wide range of clients that represent different industries.

  • Fedex
  • Aries Soft
  • MyCoop
  • Why Science
  • Panasonic