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Responsive web design company

Responsive web design company

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Responsive Design

“Good ideas turn into good designs fairly quickly. If you catch yourself fiddling too much with colors, borders and treatments to bring a design together, chances are the problem lies somewhere deeper” - Ryan Singer

Almost every application or website now comes with a tablet or mobile version. The introduction of high performance tablet computers and Smartphones with multiple capabilities have accelerated web responsive design services. To make the website compatible and adapt itself to devices with different resolutions and sizes, the responsive design will play an integral part in developing any web application or site.

What is responsive web design?

When a website is designed and developed, the display qualities is rendered to a full screen monitor of a PC, which when viewed on a screen of different size or resolution needs readjustment by the user. To reduce the consequences of losing visitors or prospective clients, web designers and developers have devised a method by using the CSS that will automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution.

How to check if any website is developed for responsive design?

By just changing the width and height of your web browser, you should see the site adjust the content, images and background design.

Major benefits of responsive web design over specific mobile sites

  • Responsive Design does not require duplicate sites or pages. One page fits all sizes and devices. Hence it does not affect search engine rankings;
  • You will not be redirected to any other specific page. For instance to
  • Easier to maintain. Usually, a site designed separately for mobiles and tablets requires valuable time and money.

Responsive design for better business performance

Experts predict mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing over the next few years. Online businesses are now looking forward to adapting new strategies to render users a feature-rich experience using a responsive design. And since responsive design makes website compatible with devices of almost all sizes, enterprises can attract customers without any technical hindrances.

Responsive design for SEO

One single site to maintain means that SEO analysts have to build a single set of links, avoiding extra server load, site speed and maintenance issues. Since search engines does not optimize for search based on devices, the onus is on the SEO to redirect customers to the site to meet their device needs.

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