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Why your business needs custom software development

Running a business and trying to balance its various aspects; technology, operations and administration is not an easy feat. Have you found it difficult to quickly arrive at decisions due to lots of scattered data and information related to your business?

Imagine how much easier life could be if all these components of your business were perfectly synchronized and the information you needed for decision making was readily available when needed. Haven’t you sometimes wondered how the bigwigs of the industry always seem to have the competitive advantage? What is that one key aspect that can have a telling impact on the whole business? Which component of the business should be fine tuned to get the maximum ROI?The answer to all your queries requires careful scrutiny, and sometimes also means that you should work on your business process, instead of your business.

Evaluating custom software development solutions

Every enterprise business owner understands the importance of periodic assessment of the technology used for his business. Evaluating custom software development software solutions and comparing them against trends in the industry can help you pinpoint issues you need to address with your business from a technology standpoint.This also helps in determining when the right time is, to invest in custom software for better project management and growth of the business.

Whether you are a business owner or a technical manager, it is important you understand the tell-tale signs which indicate that your business requires custom software development:

1) Your existing software has become obsolete

Even if you started your business with the best off-the-shelf software, with time it can become outdated or obsolete. Your business operations might have outgrown the rigid and limited technology solutions provided by your software and it might not be scalable beyond a certain point. This is a sign that your software that worked for you at one point, may not work anymore, or allow you to scale your business.

2) Adapting your business processes to suit your software

Are you required to frequently adapt and change your business processes in order to accommodate the quirks in your software? Are your processes being redefined frequently as your volume increases, and your business scales? Are you forced to redefine some of your business goals, as your software is unable to support it?The fundamental goal of a software solution is to make your business process simpler, smoother and faster and it really doesn’t make practical sense to cut corners there.

3) Use of multiple databases and systems for daily tasks/operations

If you are using different software products for different tasks within your organization, and feel that it would be more manageable and less overwhelming if you have it all in one place, you may need a custom solution that integrates these various products and services under one roof. This way, the interconnected software systems talk to each other, and make your life easier.

4) Tasks that can be automated are being done manually

Are there processes in your business that can be easily automated but are still being done manually? This could be anything from manual checking of inventory, maintaining payroll, entering data in spreadsheets, comparing and checking files to generate reports etc.If you or your team is stuck in such activity, doing tasks, which can be easily automated, it is worthwhile to consider alternative software solutions.

Automating manual procedures will save a lot of time, make it less error prone, and can also make it easy for various concerned teams to access and update the data concurrently. This will greatly reduce the workload from your staff and improve productivity and eventually provide a better ROI for your business in the long term.

If you or your medium to large business needs to get an app built we can help. We offer custom web application development, custom software development, and mobile app development services near you.

Here are some of the questions asked to us by our Retail Services Industry and Non-Profit Business Application Development Clients are the following: items below:

Q: How will my business benefit from a custom software solution?

A: We develop custom software solutions from scratch, or customize off-the-shelf products, depending on your need. The reality is, off-the-shelf software solutions don’t always meet the full needs of every business, especially when the needs are unique. That’s where a custom software development company can help. Whether your goal is to create new efficiencies in your business, cut unnecessary costs by eliminating manual efforts, or automate business processes so you have more time to do the tasks which require the human touch, rest assured we can develop a solution to achieve your unique business needs and bring a new level of efficiency to your organization.

Q: How much does it cost to have a custom software developed?

A: The time and cost it takes to complete a project varies from one project to another, as each client’s requirements are unique. In some cases, depending on the nature and complexity of the project, a detailed discovery phase i.e.; requirements gathering phase is required in order to assess the total effort (time, money and resources) for project completion. Our costs scale based on the size and the end goal of the project.

Q: Will your custom software comply with our standards and security policy?

A: At Asahi Technologies, we ensure the code of your software is secured and follows all of your strict business guidelines.

Let the established software development team at Asahi Technologies help you with your next custom app development project for your business.

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