When we think about construction companies, we tend to think of people with hardhats, blueprints, tools and materials, and maybe even construction vehicles. What we don’t often think about are all the behind the scenes data and processes that keep everything running. 

That’s right, construction companies share many of the administrative and logistical burdens that face any other company. In addition, there are challenges associated with obtaining materials, keeping track of building codes and standards, and all of the employee information and safety protocols. 

All of this means that construction companies can benefit greatly from custom software designed to help organize and streamline the many various processes associated with their line of business. 

Luckily, there are custom software developers who are up to the challenge!

Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways that construction companies utilize custom software. 

Custom Mobile Apps

Since construction companies are often operating in multiple locations simultaneously, including the personnel at the office, many choose to have custom mobile applications developed to maintain communication and data organization. 

One example might be an app that lets crew members communicate in a closed environment no matter where they are on a job site. 

These apps can also be used for field data collection, timesheets, and employee engagement. 

Workflow Management Software

Workflow management is absolutely essential for construction companies. Each project needs to be defined, planned, and managed for successful completion. 

Software built for this purpose can provide an all-in-one dashboard where all data related to a project can be found in one place. For instance, it might keep track of your materials on hand vs. how much you still need. Or maybe it provides a communication channel with the customer with limited access so your client relations can be maintained throughout the project lifecycle. 

While there are pre-existing software solutions for this, custom built software allows you to define its functionality to suit your needs in particular, or shed costs associated with functionality you don’t necessarily need. 

Inventory and Accounting Software

A major part of running a construction business is sourcing and purchasing materials. Then those materials have to be kept track of and transported to job sites, etc. It’s a lot of spinning plates that have to be maintained while also actually doing the work. 

While there are plenty of accounting programs out there that can help, having a custom solution built for you allows you to have something that’s created around your business, rather than having to alter your inventory management and accounting practices to fit your software. 

Having all of your financial information like invoices and bills in one place provides easy access to any data you need right when you need it. And maintaining your inventory data in the same place as your financial data will make buying materials and keeping track of stock easier than ever. 

Paperless Fire Safety Inspections

One of the realities of construction is having to abide by the regulations and codes that accompany the business. One of those regulations states that all residential and commercial buildings in the country have to be inspected for fire safety. That usually means a lot of paperwork and time for administration. 

We were approached by a client with that exact problem and tasked to create a software solution that could streamline things. 

In response, we created both a web application and a mobile app that worked in tandem to make the fire inspection process as easy as possible. 

The web app featured three separate dashboards for different levels of access and features. Administrators could add new safety inspectors and buildings to the system and make assignments for work. Inspectors could retrieve, modify, or remove old reports and create and sign new reports.

Admin level allowed the generation of billing reports and permission management. 

The mobile app was solely for the inspectors and allowed access from their mobile devices. 

Read the full case study here. 

A Streamlined ERP System

Another client approached us with a major workflow problem. Their large organizational size meant there were a lot of overlapping systems that were needlessly complicating their entire operation. 

We built a software ERP solution that was able to eliminate all of the client’s reliance on disparate third-party systems while providing the best features of each. 

Our solution gave the client multilevel access to inter-departmental communication, modular integration that allowed for elaborate approval workflows, and more, all while reducing human errors during payroll and invoicing. 

Read the full case study here. 

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