Curating world class digital teams that work as an extension of your team

We have a diverse team of highly-qualified development specialists, each bringing unique talents to our business. This enables us to customize project teams to meet the demands of our clients, tailoring talent to project specifications as required.

Whether for a one-time project or long-term technical support, we curate, onboard and integrate experts from a team of solution architects, business analysts, software engineers, full stack developers and project managers, to ensure your long term success.

Hiring specialists is time-consuming and expensive - Let us build a dream team for you.

Dedicated specialists where you need them

At Asahi Technologies, we are more than a development team. We are a technology partner for your business, integrating your ambitions into ours. We pride ourselves in curating teams that match industry-leading professionals with your unique requirements, allowing us to build game-changing software that has a deep business benefit. We can be the extra capacity you need, developing digital solutions alongside business as usual without any recruitment on your part.

Asahi Technologies takes three approaches to team building. Pick the one that suits you best or mix and match:



If you need to enhance current in-house capacity and skillset, we can assign members of our team to support your workflow. We only hire the best technology talent and can quickly integrate them into your existing structure for ongoing support. Why waste time on specialist recruitment and training when you can tap into our qualified and diverse pool of professional developers.

Get access to high-calibre talent and development skills without the hassle of recruitment.



Partnering on a specific one-off development with us? Based on project specifications, we curate a team with matching industry expertise from our pool of qualified professionals. A project manager usually oversees progress, bridging the gap between your in-house resources and our specialists, maximizing collaboration and transparency.

We assemble the best-suited skillset to build any one-off development, so our clients can sit back and enjoy a smooth build with little disruption.



Not every business has the budget to hire a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO), but every business needs high-level support from time to time. So, we bring in our solution architects as fractional CTOs who then advise on building and innovating digital strategy and IT operations on an ad hoc basis. This unique service utilizes our senior technology professionals who bring years of technical experience to your meeting room, providing an outsider’s expert opinion on technical direction, business objectives and future-proofing initiatives.

Software development support for Vetsource

In 2017, Tulsa based Vetsource reached out to Asahi Technologies requiring support scaling its software development team. A talent gap in-house was slowing projects and needed external specialists to quickly act as an extension of the team.

We assigned a 12 member team comprising software engineers, test engineers, business analysts and solution architect to expedite Vetsource application’s time to market. Experts in their field, our team was able to get up to speed in a tight timeframe. Vetsource’s own team handled the project management using an agile methodology and the Asahi developers adapted to meet in-house workflows, milestones, and deadlines.

Collaborating remotely via email, phone, and video conferencing, the relationship remains strong – to date, our team is still supporting Vetsource, bringing exciting projects to life alongside their existing team structure.


Helping America’s largest vet services provider to

Transform its integral applications