The consulting services we offer

Growth and innovation do not just happen. They need a clever and robust strategy. That is what we provide through our strategy and consulting engagement. With it, we aim to empower your decision-makers to confidently plan ahead. The first critical step in any software project is aligning people, problems and technology – and that is precisely what we help you with.

Whether you need support in a specific area or a blend of services to stimulate discussion and decision-making, tap into our experience from over 300 successful technology projects.

Discovery workshops

Develop, assess, and plan your project from start to finish, our experienced specialists guide you through every stage

User experience prototyping

Help gauge the feasibility of your idea with a prototype. This will simulate your desired features and user experience so you can move forward with confidence

Solutions architecture support

Reimagine your technology landscape and consider different solutions that immediately address business needs

Costs and timeline planning

Accurately estimate the costs and duration of any project, highlighting unforeseen variables to prevent overruns.

Our consulting services help businesses define their vision and break it down into actionable goals. We think big, inspire new thinking, and plan for multiple outcomes without feeling daunted or overwhelmed.

Our consultation process

Our clients often end up with a fresh perspective through this process, ultimately leading to a much more thought out and effective technology solution.


Stage one: Inform and outline

We collate essential details about your business and define the key objectives, cost estimates, and deliverables in a clear outline


Stage two: Plan

Together, we devise a detailed guideline that lays out project milestones, required expertise and toolkits necessary to structure discussions


Stage three: Test

If required, we create a prototype to help you visualize and test the feasibility of a concept. We can then refine functionality and design before a full-scale build begins


Stage four: Validate

We conduct further quality control assessments under the supervision of your project stakeholders.

Why Asahi

At Asahi Technologies, we have built over 300 custom technology solutions for our partners. With that comes expertise and experience that can prove very useful for those beginning their transformation journey.

We are passionate about conceptualizing and road mapping ideas and concepts, not only because it leads to a better product but it makes life easier along the way for everyone.

We can help you:

  • Understand the technology landscape, matching your requirements to the latest innovations
  • Save costs, streamlining your idea to ensure budget is efficiently spent in the right area
  • Become more efficient by exploring solutions that impact and improve operations business-wide
  • Focus, leave the planning and implementation to us so you can keep adding value to your customers and market
  • Access the best technology without the high-priced investment in equipment and training.

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