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Must-have features in your healthcare application to delight the end-user

The digital front door is a critical component of modern care journeys. The most successful digital health products seamlessly link patients to providers, make it easier for them to access services, and empower them to take a more active role in the management of their treatment.
What features should healthcare apps have? This article’s got you covered.
Custom healthcare apps are becoming increasingly popular with physicians and providers, but not all solutions are equal, and the stakes are high. When digital health products do not delight their respective end-users, reclaiming the lost market share is impossible.
In 2022, the digital health market was valued at over $200 billion. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18% between 2023 and 2030. Investment is flooding into the industry, and ensuring your digital product includes the right healthcare app features is more important than ever.

medical care professional

A vibrant digital health ecosystem enhances patient experience and clinical care

It happened almost overnight—COVID- 19 fracturedglobal healthcare networks—driving rapid digital transformation and ultimately transforming how patients and providers connect.
Before the start of the pandemic in 2019, only 5% of American patient consumers had ever used a telemedicine solution or enrolledwith a digital health app. In just a few months, new services such as telemedicine platforms, digital patient portals, and remote patient monitoring tools became the new normal, changing the healthcare industry forever. Digital health ecosystems expanded rapidly to meet the pandemic’s emergency demands.

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Patient engagement tools strengthen the digital healthcare ecosystem

In the near future, an integrated health ecosystem will deliver person-centered care through advanced medical facilities, smart homes, connected devices, and a distributed medical Internet of Things.
The data thrown up by an increasingly digitized world has spawned a new digital health ecosystem that is destined to promote patient engagement, patient-provider experience, and personalized medical care.
Even consumer-generated data that could well be a by-product of digital interactions that a person has with wearables, social media, and mobile apps can translate to clinical data that reveal specifics about an individual’s health and public health in general.
In addition, there is data from patient engagement tools such as automated appointment reminders, medication trackers, e-prescriptions, and tele-consultations.