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How can patient portals improve communication in healthcare

Health is wealth, and time may be the most valuable commodity. No one wants to waste time or be left waiting when health is in jeopardy. That’s where digital patient portals come in. In recent years, few pieces of the digital health ecosystem have transformed practice environments and medical outcomes as remarkably as patient communication portals.
Patient portals for healthcare improve communication to create a more potent therapeutic alliance between patients and their community health resources. These software tools extend the reach of healthcare organizations and deliver digital acceleration to fuel competitive advantage.

Building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to Deliver Digital Health Applications

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of web-based software built using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and WebAssembly. PWAs are the perfect choice for delivering digital health solutions designed for both medical providers and the patients they serve. For many healthcare organizations, the shorter development timelines, lower costs, and quicker time to market make building custom PWAs an attractive option instead of releasing native apps.