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What is Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Updated August 2021 When businesses are looking to create a mobile app, hybrid application development is one of the several well-known app development options to consider. It is increasingly becoming a preferred choice due to its extensive list of capabilities and benefits. In these fast progressing times, it’s only natural to look for adaptive solutions that are easy to build, maintain, and scale.  A hybrid application combines elements of a web and native application. It is developed using web and Javascript based technologies and development frameworks, namely HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and ReactJS. It is further wrapped in a native

5 benefits of cross-platform mobile app development

Updated May 2021 As one of the dominant trends this year, cross-platform mobile application development is changing how businesses approach app development. Additionally, it is creating new opportunities for rapid digital growth. Before building a mobile app, one has to decide on the devices it should be supported on. For some products, the answer is easy; for the ones where the market segment has a considerable number of users for each OS, choosing one OS over the other comes at a certain cost. You either risk losing a share of the market, or if you decide to build native apps

Top 8 Mobile App Trends in 2021

Updated August 2021 Advanced technologies and emerging consumer demands have always greatly impacted the mobile app development landscape, leading to the rise of new mobile app trends each year. In 2021, these trends in mobile app development are shaped mostly by technologies that are not entirely novel, but that have reached new tipping points due to higher adoption and more comprehensive know-how. Recent data shows that in 2019 users downloaded over 200 billion mobile apps. Customers increasingly rely on mobile apps to perform daily tasks, look after their health, shop, travel, and socialize. It’s not a surprise that by 2023,

The 6 Major Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for your eCommerce Store

We know from experience and now from Google’s latest research that people shop in a messy way. They browse – research – add to cart – abandon it – return – can’t decide – get a notification or an email – and then they finally make the purchase. And this is just one of the many possible scenarios.  Shoppers usually perform all these steps on multiple devices and channels. A brand can pop up in their minds at different moments in time. If you miss seizing those micro-moments with the right channel at your customers’ disposal, it’s most definitely a lost opportunity. 

Mobile Usability Testing: 4 essentials steps

Seamless user experience weighs a lot on a new user’s decision to continue using a mobile app after downloading it for the first time. About 90% of the users stop using the app if it performs poorly, or is designed poorly. Users are very sensitive to the user experience that a product offers. This in turn provides the impetus for businesses to pay more attention to user experience that differentiates a great mobile app from a mediocre one. Although it sounds simple, many businesses fail to involve their users or get feedback from them during the app development process. To

How to Create a Successful Mobile App Startup?

Updated July 2021 The past decade has seen a sea of change in technologies that are used by consumers. We’ve gone from the PC to laptops, to smartphones. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile apps have become a necessity. In fact, nowadays, you haven’t really used a smartphone unless you’ve used Android apps or iOS apps. Whether you are a business owner operating in the B2B or B2C industry, you need smartphone apps to reach out to a wider audience, get valuable feedback, and increase sales. Besides that, there is a growing number of businesses that have started to

What is an Intelligent Application? Here Is The Future of Mobile Solutions

Updated October 2021 How are Mobile Solutions Advancing? We are living in an amazing era where technology is advanced, yet small enough to fit in our pockets. Smartphones are the future as well as the present. When the first iPhone came out, augmented reality and virtual reality were still pipe dreams. Now most smartphones have the ability to enhance our lives both physically and in the virtual world. However, with the Internet of Things and other advanced technologies in development, there are many who believe that the smartphone will be replaced. But with the advent of intelligent mobile apps, it

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Mobile Apps: What are the key differences?

Updated August 2021 There is an app for literally everything nowadays, from reminders to hydrate yourself to banking. In the past 5 years, there has been a huge increase in mobile application development with the total number of apps on the Google Play Store alone crossing 2.8 million. But with so many applications in the market, and so little storage space on the phone, how does one determine which ones to keep? That’s where Progressive Web Apps (PWA) come in handy. These are web pages that are not only lightweight but when loaded on your browser act exactly like an