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How to mitigate financial fraud with custom software development

The rapid adoption of digital technologies in banking and other financial services has brought about myriad modern conveniences and opportunities for businesses and customers alike. But this increased flexibility has also become a vulnerable gateway for financial crimes to set in and fester unchecked, from identity theft and credit card fraud to insidious acts of terrorist financing and money laundering. Corporate disrepute, operational downtimes, data leaks, and monetary losses aren’t the only drawbacks financial institutions must encounter. Hefty penalties resulting from regulatory non-compliance also pose a potent threat to their existence. In 2018, the Commonwealth Bank—Australia’s largest financial institution—made international

7 Custom software development trends to watch out for in 2022

The Omicron variant’s worrying emergence is already leading us into another year of global disruption. With travel and mobility restrictions likely to be brought back once again, bridging the technology gap becomes more important than ever for companies to maintain competitiveness. Amidst market uncertainties, however, delivering robust software solutions must require speed and precision at scale. Thus, we expect to see remote operation, automation, and faster deployment become the primary drivers of software innovations in 2022. So without any further ado, here are seven disruptive technologies that will take center stage in custom software development trends next year: Cloud Technology

Why outsourcing custom software development is the answer to California’s tech flight

When we think about innovation technology and entrepreneurship, California’s largest tech hubs—San Francisco and Silicon Valley—would immediately spring to mind. Besides its global renown for billion-dollar cultural exports in media and entertainment, California indeed holds the nation’s longstanding history as the bedrock of its technological might. It is home to many beloved tech giants, including Apple, Google, Twitter, and Meta (previously Facebook). California’s status as the tech epicenter for decades is undeniable. But with an increasingly inhospitable business climate and skyrocketing property prices in the region, it must contend with the Southern states’ meteoric rise as America’s latest tech refuge.

4 challenges in building custom software solutions for startups

Building custom software solutions for enterprises of any size has always been complex. However, it becomes a little more challenging when the technology solution is geared towards a startup. Startups are—in many cases—run by budding entrepreneurs with bright ideas and lofty visions. But alas, they must also prove their worth in so little time amidst mounting pressures from stakeholders and the unforgiving market competition. Understanding their requirements, interpreting their market needs, and bringing their projects to fruition, thus, require software developers to go above and beyond to deliver time-critical and pragmatic solutions. This article highlights all the significant challenges commonly

Why do Austin companies need a great software development agency?

Austin has long been hailed for its vibrant nightlife, thriving live music scene, and eclectic cuisines. But there is more to the city’s charm than abundant leisure attractions, music venues, and bustling waterfront commerce. In recent years, Austin has counted itself among the fastest-growing major tech hubs in the United States—rivaling even the world’s capital of innovation and technology, Silicon Valley. Tesla’s announcement to relocate its headquarters to the city, following the construction of its new Gigafactory nearby, has added to the latest string of tech giants to call Austin their new home. Among those companies are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Oracle,

Importance of cyber security when building custom financial software solutions

Introduction The threats to the finance industry have increased since companies in this sector decided to go online globally. Digitization has been a boon at large, but this has also attracted negative attention as with any revolution. The availability of cheap hacking tools and widespread availability of internet connectivity have facilitated the mushrooming of cyber terrorists. Due to the stealthy nature of their attacks, it is imperative that enterprises in the financial domain practice utmost caution in terms of security. 61% of global data breaches in 2021 were due to the compromised credentials of users. In March 2018, one of

Why hybrid apps are the future of mobile app development

Introduction Statista’s predictions show that smartphone users will exceed 7.516 billion globally by 2026, demonstrating the massive demand for mobile applications, which is only estimated to grow further. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the classification of mobile apps before you consider building one. Mobile apps can broadly be divided into three types- native, web, and hybrid. Native applications are designed to work on one operating system. For example, native Android apps work only on Android platforms. They deliver the best performance among the three but are time-consuming and expensive to develop. Responsive web apps are easy to build, maintain,

Software Product Development for Startups: 10 Myths vs Facts

Making a breakthrough in the startup scene has always been challenging. To jumpstart growth and accelerate returns, many founders have turned to software product development for answers. Be it as a management tool to optimize operations or as a proprietary application to tailor specialized services to customers, custom software presents a clear opportunity to translate disruptive ideas into a viable business plan. Despite its growing prevalence among startups, however, much of software development is still shrouded in frigid unfamiliarity—partly due to numerous disparate accounts of tribulations, failures, and triumphs passed down through the grapevine. Hence, we are here to bust