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3 Reasons why you should invest in UX, and how to do it right

Customers sometimes make snap judgments about businesses based on the digital assets they interact with. It takes them about 15 seconds to decide whether they’ll stay on a website or look for a more suitable alternative.  There’s no doubt that when it comes to online products and services, first impressions matter. And in 94% of the cases, the first impression is design-related. The quality of your product is crucial, but before customers experience that, they see your website or app. User experience is all about how your digital channel works, its aesthetics, and how the user interacts with it, which are make-or-break matters

What is User-Centered Design and How Can It Boost ROI?

Updated April 2021 User-centered design is one of the buzzwords that have caught the attention of companies, small and large, across industries. Is it just a fad? Does the user-centered design (UCD) process actually deliver tangible results? In this blog post, we explore some of the ways in which user-centered design that focuses on improving the user experience can contribute to a company’s bottom line and help improve the Return-on-Investment (ROI) in a software project or in a custom web application development project. What is User-Centered Design? Before we delve into the benefits of user-centered design, it is important to