• Healthcare technology is transforming patient care - diagnosis, treatment, and management
  • With custom software healthcare enterprises canoffer world-class digital experiences
  • Customized solutions help healthcare organizations adopt a data-driven approach
  • Digitally optimized workflows boost efficiencies and ensure profitable healthcare operations

Why use custom software solutions in the healthcare domain

Healthcare technology is rapidly transforming how physicians diagnose, treat, and manage patient care. Sensor-enabled monitoring of vitals, ICU activities, ambulance movement, and medical equipment has given rise to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), including devices and apps that are linked to the healthcare information ecosystem. With cloud storage and machine-to-machine communication boosting growth, the global market value of IoMT in 2022 was $ 61.56 billion and is estimated to reach $516.40 billion by 2032.

The IoMT improves patient care by providing access to real-time data, driving more effective medical decision-making, more focused diagnoses, less invasive treatments, and better medical outcomes.

As physicians, clinics, and hospitals continue to adopt new medical device technologies and practice management applications, there is scope for updating legacy software and integrating customized software to embrace digital transformation and transform patient care.

Healthcare enterprises are large and complex organizations with different processes, cultures, and needs across specific clinical specialties and business units. Custom software solutions deliver measurable benefits to help medical and healthcare service providers increase clinical efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver better workflows for both patients and their physicians. If you are in the business, do not make the mistake of buying expensive one-size-fits-all solutions. Surely you will agree that there is something different and unique in the services you deliver and that fetches you a competitive edge in the areas of telemedicine and telehealth such as:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Equipment Management
  • Healthcare and wearable technology apps
  • Hospital Management Software Development
  • Medical Imaging Software
  • Medical Billing Software Solutions
  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Software
  • Patient Management Software
  • Medical Research Software
  • Medical Database Solution
  • E-Prescribing Software
  • Pharmacy Management Software

Read this blog, to learn more about the importance and benefits of custom software versus packaged solutions for healthcare enterprises.


Packaged software vs customized solutions

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions or organizations. It is different from off-the-shelf software packages that cater to common requirements or similar needs, as it incorporates features that address unique requirements. This calls for the active participation of in-house technical teams and subject matter experts. It is always advisable to bring on board a proven customized software development partner who specializes in healthcare industry products when you launch digital transformation projects. In a nutshell, remember that:

  • Off-the-shelf software is generic and made to fulfill the requirements of entire industries and different businesses, whereas customized software has specific features tailored to optimize business processes in healthcare.
  • While packaged software may be integrated into your systems, customized solutions are compatible with healthcare work processes and workflows.
  • Packaged software may comprise features you will never need or use, while customized healthcare solutions can automate tasks, integrate processes, and expand features to suit your needs.
  • Off-the-shelf healthcare software caters to larger business requirements, while customized software can be personalized to answer the specific demands of every healthcare stakeholder.
  • Packaged software is not scalable, whereas customizable software is always an investment for future scalability, keeping pace with healthcare business growth.
  • Packaged software can prove expensive as the license has to be renewed, but the use of cost-effective customized solutions is economical and practical.
  • Packaged software cannot offer the level of security that customized solutions can build into your apps and devices for healthcare data safety.
  • Unlike general packaged software, healthcare industry customized software ensures total compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Custom healthcare software development offers numerous advantages.


Importance of custom software development for healthcare businesses

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid development as digital technologies and cloud-based mobile integrated healthcare software become as reliable practice tools as the stethoscope was to family doctors in earlier generations.

Many healthcare organizations use a variety of time-consuming, paperwork-driven manual processes. In other practice environments, professionals have struggled to make off-the-box solutions work, only to abandon them when they couldn’t deliver the features and benefits their end users needed.

Custom software solutions invigorate healthcare organizations to innovate core processes and deliver clinical professionals the resources needed to transform healthcare and medical operations.


Types of healthcare businesses that can benefit from custom software development

Custom healthcare software benefits every organization connected to the community health matrix.

Here are some of the healthcare businesses that are implementing custom software solutions to improve their clinical efficiency, reduce costs, and leverage digital transformation to deliver better services for patients and work environments for their teams:

    • Hospitals: EHR/EMR solutions, hospital information systems (HIS), and digital patient engagement portals for patients are some examples of custom software for hospitals.
    • Specialist clinics: Custom medical practice solutions, medical device and software integrations, and remote patient monitoring tools are examples of customized solutions for specialists such as surgeons, pediatric specialists, or internal medicine practitioners.
    • Pharmacies: Digital prescription software, pharmacy operations management tools, and telemedicine applications are solutions for pharmaceutical retail businesses.
    • Community health networks: Health and wellness tracking applications, digital portals for community health resources such as parks, pools, and courses, and databases with community health information to educate and inform patient consumers are some custom solutions for community health networks, municipal governments, and NGOs.
    • Digital health start-ups: Many vibrant business ideas are coming to life as digital health start-ups leverage mobile and web software development services, digital product development, and team augmentation to deliver game-changing applications, APIs, and integrations.
Want to undergo a digital transformation and make use of emerging healthcare technologies?

What is custom software development?


5 key benefits of custom software development

Custom software development services empower healthcare enterprises to build world-class digital experiences for their patient consumers, providers, staff, vendors, and other partners connected to community health systems.

While many providers are completing technology investments to secure advanced capabilities such as robotic process automation, digitalization, interoperability, and better data governance frameworks, every practice environment is unique.

Custom software solutions empower healthcare providers to enhance their business processes, refine their medical services, and transform operations.

Here are five key benefits healthcare organizations enjoy when they complete strategic investments to purchase custom software solutions, legacy software updates, and healthcare technology integrations:

Enhance operational efficiencies

One of the most exciting areas of innovation driving the adoption of the IoMT is the opportunity to combine complex medical, business, demographic, and other data sets with learning about, improving, and streamlining healthcare operations management.

Custom software solutions invigorate healthcare organizations to learn more about what has been working and what needs to improve and create systems for optimizing performance using a data-driven approach.

Deliver laser-focused solutions

Every practice environment is unique. Many physicians have preferences that guide their work face-to-face with their patients.

Custom software solutions deliver the configurability and functionality needed to lean into your organization’s unique challenges and provide laser-focused solutions that genuinely enhance your practices and work with patients. Custom software development services for healthcare allow your organization to improve its core processes, workflows, and platforms to meet your needs and refine your practice.

Build an end-to-end digital health ecosystem

To deliver the healthcare innovation of the future, we need to ensure interoperable, intelligent, and efficient systems.

Custom software solutions allow your organization to optimize legacy solutions successfully, integrate new software and hardware resources, and transform work processes with laser-focused mobile and web applications designed for the unique needs of your teams and end-users.

Leverage the full potential of technology to transform practice

Digital acceleration is already fueling innovation at the world’s most successful healthcare enterprises.

The pace of innovation quickens as medical device manufacturers, software development teams, medical professionals, and business specialists collaborate to deliver world-changing digital solutions to transform healthcare.

Ignite your organization’s next growth stage by leaning into significant challenges to transform your core processes by leveraging automation, artificial reality, advanced data science, and many more technologies to benefit your business and practice landscape.

Secure competitive advantage

The healthcare business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. Your organization’s digital services, internally for your staff and externally for the end-users, constitute a significant opportunity to conquer new market segments and ensure profitability.

The future of healthcare is digital, and custom software development is the best way to deliver the resources your teams need to optimize performance. Build a stronger and more resilient organization with custom healthcare technology solutions tailored to your needs and unique use cases.

Instead of trying to make an off-the-shelf solution work, build the features, functions, compliance, and usability your organization needs.


Make significant improvements in clinical efficiency with custom healthcare software

Asahi Technologies is a proven healthcare technology solutions provider. Combining our full-stack development expertise with domain knowledge, we deliver industry-specific applications that solve complex health technology challenges.

Healthcare software development cannot be approached with a one-size-fits-all mentality. We have honed our techniques to satisfy needs specific to your business context. Our organization uses the distributed agile framework to customize solutions. We reinforce project management teams with experienced architects, business analysts, and full-stack engineers from our software development center in Chennai, India.

We are problem solvers, solution builders, and trusted partners.



Chief Solutions Architect

Rahul is a wellspring of wisdom when it comes to driving innovation and improving healthcare services using advanced custom software solutions. He specializes in delivering the technical guidance needed to ensure success across the digital product life cycle. His unique problem-solving approach provides the guidance and strong architectural foundation needed to transform digital health services.



Chief Solutions Architect

Rahul is a wellspring of wisdom when it comes to driving innovation and improving healthcare services using advanced custom software solutions. He specializes in delivering the technical guidance needed to ensure success across the digital product life cycle. His unique problem-solving approach provides the guidance and strong architectural foundation needed to transform digital health services.

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