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Why Choose Custom Web Applications for Your Business

Regardless of application type, a custom web application eliminates the need to install software and updates, can work across multiple browsers, operating systems and computers, and cater to your specific business needs.

No more software installations and updates

Work across multiple browsers and operating systems

Easy access from any device

Types of Web Applications

A wide variety of applications including enterprise-level web portals and complex e-commerce platforms can be built as web applications.

Web Application Development Process

For an application that takes a total of 3 months to develop (start to finish), here are several stages and timeline that sheds light on our web development process


Discovery & Planning

2 Weeks*


Web application Development Company

UI/UX & Graphic design

3 Weeks*


Development & testing

5 Weeks*


User acceptance testing & launch

2 Weeks*

Things We Consider in the Web Development Process

As an experienced web development company, here are a few things we will look into for you:

cost integreation

Integration with third-party tools

Integration with third-party tools:

Integration with third parties such as online data source, SaaS applications with well-defined APIs are easy with custom -built web applications. Pre-packaged applications are usually platform-dependent and do not always support integrations readily.

cost consideration

Cost considerations

Cost considerations:

Building custom web apps software is by no means inexpensive. However, if it is the right solution for your business, it should be treated as a long-term investment, which will pay off in the long run. In many cases, costs incurred by businesses to build custom software solutions more than pays for itself through savings in operating costs that are otherwise incurred in just one year in the absence of such software.

cost security

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions:

Every business is unique. After fully understanding your business requirements, we will either recommend customization of pre-packaged software, or building an application from scratch if the pre-packaged software does not appropriately address all your business requirements. It is likely that the all-inclusive solution on the market will address your immediate business needs but not the short or long-term ones. We fully consider that before proposing a solution.

cost scalability



Pre-packaged software may not always adapt to your business. As your business grows, software needs to be modified so that it is in sync with your business requirements. Custom web applications are developed from scratch keeping only your business in mind; they can be easily modified to keep up with your evolving business needs.

cost security



When dealing with customer information, it is imperative that the security of information is well protected. With custom web application software solutions, we can ensure that we build a fully secure web application by proper planning early on in the discovery phase of the project.

framework infographic

The Technologies We Use to Develop Custom Web Applications

We work collaboratively with our customers to design solutions using best-in-class, open-source technologies to meet their business objectives. We develop scalable, enterprise-level software using technologies like Java, PhP, .NET, RoR and Python.

We Have Developed and Deployed Web Applications for a Number of Industries



We can erase the headaches of a custom e-commerce system by building with widely supported tools (like Magento) and setting up all the payment gateway, notification systems, and inventory management systems for you. We can even manage the site, which makes your life easier.

Non Profit

Non Profit

We understand how difficult it is to manage a nonprofit, and we've created corporate portals with built-in features to help you publish and manage content, built communication portals to ensure seamless organization and collaboration, and designed digital strategies to facilitate networking for global non-profits.



We've created ways for our customers to more efficiently reach new clients by digitizing paper-based loan applications, and by creating online portals that provide legal research on bonds to institutional investors.



We've made any-time, anywhere access to pharmacists possible by digitizing the traditional paper-based prescription process, and we've built a system for the leader in veterinary pharmaceuticals that manages customer loyalty and automatic prescription shipping.

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