At the onset of the pandemic, the healthcare system struggled to meet patient demands while remaining compliant with COVID-19 safety protocols. Unfortunately, a rampant new disease didn’t pause the need for healthcare-related to other issues, and medical clinics and hospitals needed a way to safely see patients. 

This problem sparked a flood of ingenuity as developers rushed to provide healthcare companies with custom applications that provided solutions like real-time updates that allowed patients to wait in their cars until the moment they were ready to be seen. 

However, healthcare companies have been relying on custom software solutions for long before the pandemic. Employee gateways, HIPAA-compliant secure intranets, data and communication applications, etc., they’re all essential to the healthcare industry. 

So where do these healthcare companies turn to when there’s a need for custom software?

In-House Development

Some of the larger healthcare companies, such as health insurance providers, may choose to use in-house talent to create their custom software. 

The fact is that larger healthcare companies are dealing with a large amount of data that needs to be organized, analyzed, and secured. Not just patient information, which in itself can be a staggering amount of data, but also things like supply logistics, accounting, staffing, etc. 

In some cases, it’s simply more convenient to have people who are already somewhat familiar with the organization handle the development of the software needed to manage those things. 

However, maintaining an internal development team can be extremely costly and just unrealistic for many companies in the healthcare industry. 

Third-Party Custom Software Development Company

For most healthcare companies, the best and most cost-effective option will be to use a third-party custom software development company for their software needs. 

By using a development company, businesses get the benefit of deciding their own level of involvement with the project. They can choose to be hands-on with every step of the process, or just have regularly scheduled check-ins to monitor progress while freeing themselves up to work on other things. 

Also, development companies are usually able to offer the services of a team with experience across a wide variety of projects. This experience allows the team to contribute valuable insights from past projects that may greatly improve the software in terms of scope, design, functionality, and user experience. 

Third-party developers often have access to their own artists and operate with team cohesion from having worked with clients together in the past. 

The challenge is in picking the right custom software development company to work with. After all, all developers are not on the same level. 

Why Asahi Technologies Should Develop Your Healthcare Software

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