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9 web development tips for businesses in the construction domain

The current trend in the construction domain informs us that traditional word-of-mouth marketing is no longer relevant. Hence, businesses are rapidly establishing their online presence to reach a larger audience. This article will discuss the factors to consider when developing a web portal for the construction domain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) According to IBM, “chatbots can help reduce customer service costs by about 30%.Additionally, it has the capability to enhance customer engagement. Let us see the vital benefits chatbots can provide to your web portal: Chatbots provide 24/7 customer service. They can personalise customer interaction to build trust and improve brand

6 Retail e-commerce trends to watch out for in 2021

Through e-commerce, retail businesses have acquired substantial users over the years, and this number is only going to exponentially grow in due course of time. Keeping up with the latest developments in e-commerce is vital to creating cutting-edge competitiveness in the retail space. Social commerce(Scom) will become the norm 30% of online shoppers say they would likely purchase the same products through social media.23.7% of internet users claim they discover new brands and products on social media through recommendations or comments. S-Com enables consumers to buy products from a third-party company, and businesses in turn can benefit from S-Com in

Top 6 web development trends in 2021

Updated September 2021 Over the years, web portals have evolved tremendously. From being information portals, they are now an integral part of a business’ marketing efforts. Here are some of the web development trends in 2021 that we think will dominate. Web Portal Development Trend – Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) Global brands have always adopted technologies that have amplified their brand identities. PWA is one such application software that has proven to be a game-changer to many top companies. The statistics of the benefits of PWAs are staggering. After adopting PWA, Forbes has reported that their website loading time has decreased

Importance of web presence for New York based law firms to acquire customers

  To prevent crime and violence, nations around the world have created laws and legislation. Despite that, when crimes happen, lawyers play an important role when it comes to representing aggrieved parties and thereby solving civil and criminal cases. In densely populated cities like New York, law firms spend an exorbitant amount of time representing parties in civil, criminal and various other kinds of litigation. Visibility Web development for the legal industry has many benefits, the primary being able to create a brand identity. American Bar Association conducted a survey in 2019 on website and law firm marketing. The respondents

Non-Profit Web Development – 7 Ways You Can Increase Contributions

Updated July 2021 Websites are a gateway to knowing an organisation. Designing a quality web portal can benefit a non-profit charitable agency in a multitude of ways. This article puts forth best practices that your non-profit organization can adopt in order to make your digital platform deliver the best value for your business. Intuitive navigation User friendly navigation plays a vital role in your non profit website usability and User Experience (UX). Viewers enjoy seeing sites that have seamless navigation, which in turn enables them to view the information they want and avoid information they are not interested in. Here

Web Portal Development and its benefits

Updated June 2021 In today’s digital world, enterprises need a myriad of IT-based solutions to stay robust and competitive. One solution in particular helps streamline and personalize communication in B2B and B2C businesses to unimaginable proportions – the web portals. What is a Web Portal Development? A web portal is a web based gateway that provides authorized users a single point of access to personalized content. It gathers information from different sources and presents them in a single user interface for content management with the most relevant information based on their preferences and settings. Whether catering to employees of your

What to Choose: MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack

Updated June 2021 Choosing a comprehensive technology stack for your mobile or web application developer project can sometimes lead to deciding between MEAN stack and MERN stack. These are two of the most popular technology stacks that can ensure an agile, robust, and efficient implementation for your software product. But, what is a Technology Stack, and why it’s important to have a robust one? A technology stack is a set of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. If in the past, there were separate developers for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, now full stack developers cover everything from Frontend, Back-end, and Database

Top 9 web development trends in 2021

As we all close the door on year 2020, it’s an excellent time to take a peek at the web development trends that will be the most influential in 2021. There aren’t any new groundbreaking innovations coming up; most of the technologies that influenced web development in 2020 will continue making progress in the year to come. However, this progress is expedited and will manifest itself more assuredly and daringly. Whether it is motion design, progressive web apps, or voice search and navigation, these technologies shape the future of web development, which is set to look more interactive, be more